Half Life Weapon Mutator Pack


WMP does not provide library list support and therefore requires metamod. If you already have metamod, skip to step 5.

1. Firstly, download Metamod and unzip it.

2. Paste the Metamod DLL to the directory "Half-Life/SvenCoop/addons/metamod"

3. Open the file liblist.gam located in your Half-Life/Svencoop main directory and on a new line, write or copy and paste the following:

gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"

4. Save liblist.gam and close it out.

5. Now download the latest version of HLWMP by clicking here.

6. Unzip the contents into your Half-Life directory.

7. Either manually add the reference to the mod DLL as specified in step 8 or run the mm_install.bat file when it is inside your SvenCoop root folder.

8. Open (or create) the plugins.ini file located in "/addons/metamod" and manually add a new line with the following:

win32 addons\HLWMP\dlls\HLWMP.dll

9. Enter Sven Coop to check if your installation was succesful.


There are two ways to set up a configuration. Users can either use the global configuration provided in the installation (located in "HLWMP\config\HLWMP.cfg") or add a map configuration. Map configurations will always override global configurations. Both use the same format. To add a map configuration, follow these steps:

1. Go to your maps folder.

2. Create a new file named <map_name>.wmp.cfg. For example, if the map file is "crossfire.bsp", the configuration file should be named "crossfire.wmp.cfg".

3. Copy the contents of the global configuration into the new configuration file.

4. Modify the configuration accordingly.

Adding map configurations may be necessary if a server's map rotation includes maps that have large amounts of precaches. In order to prevent server crashes, server administrators should restrict weapons as needed based on the map in question.