Half Life Weapon Mutator Pack



The standard Weapon Mutator Pack comes with 7 pre-defined weapons. Versions with the weapon interface have 8 other, empty weapon slots.

  • Grenade Launcher - The Team Fortress Classic grenade launcher replicated with some modifications.
  • Shock Rifle - A Shock Rifle reflective of the Unreal Tournament 2004 weapon of the same name.
  • Ripper - The Ripper from Unreal Tournament 99 with some modifcations.
  • Pulse Gun - A fast-paced, close quarters combat weapon largely inspired by the Link Gun from Unreal Tournament 2004.
  • Fusion Gun - A crowd control weapon most effective among large amounts of enemies.
  • Pulverizer - Similar to the MP5 from Half-Life and inspired by multiple sources, such as Unreal Tournamet 99's Enforcer and the Cluster Bomb from Worms 3D.
  • BioGun - A weapon largely derived from the Bio Rifle from Unreal Tournament 2004.

Technical Information

Beta versions of WMP do not contain the precache control system that Mushroom Mod does, therefore server administrators should take care to restrict weapons as needed. Maps with large amounts of precaches will almost guarantee a server crash if all weapons are enabled on that map. WMP is also incompatible with Mushroom Mod at the moment, and we cannot guarantee the functionality of the two simultaneously. To learn how to restrict weapons, go to the installation page.


There are two ways to switch to a weapon using WMP. You can either say "weaponmenu" in chat, or type the following in console: wmp switchweapon <weapon_id>

Pre-defined weapon IDs range from 1-7 in the exact order of the weapon descriptions given above.

Users with admin access can disable and enable weapons as needed (unless they are not precached, in which case they will always be disabled). The following commands disable and enable weapons respectively:

 wmp admin enableweapon <weapon_id>

wmp admin disableweapon <weapon_id>